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Here's what Quickbooks customers say about their accounting software.

True to terrible form, QuickBooks Online requires Internet Explorer in order to export my data. I’ll probably have to call to cancel, too.

— Ryan Irelan (@ryanirelan) August 1, 2014

So far my first experience with @QuickBooks Online support has been utterly abysmally. Two weeks not a proper answer. Terrible.

— Dan Carr (@dancarrphoto) July 11, 2014

Does anyone else despise quickbooks? I have never been so terrible at something that I want to be good at.

— Shannon McIntosh (@SHANNON_MAC) April 15, 2014

More on how terrible @QuickBooks is. I thought customer service like this was a thing of the past. #quickbooks

— Doug Patterson (@dep923) March 26, 2014

I hate Quickbooks so much

— Tyler B (@TheeeTyler) December 1, 2014

Quickbooks is such a terrible user experience!! So frustrating. Makes me think of @halvorson's talk at #confabmn:

— Christina Jacobs (@christinajacobs) June 11, 2013

Quickbooks will be the death of me. I'm not surprised they teach a class on how to use it.... 😡

— Kaitlyn Cranford (@kaitcran) March 6, 2014

Totally forgot that something as awesome as Mint and something as terrible as Quickbooks could be owned by the same company.

— Michael Henreckson (@henreckson) September 13, 2012

Hello quickbooks. I still hate you.

— Colleen Mondor (@chasingray) June 14, 2014

Ohhhh #QuickBooks how I hate you right now 👊👊👊👊

— Mayra Carbajal (@cocktail_puton) November 25, 2014

So Quickbooks, Paychex, and ADP are all terrible. Any other options for payroll?

— Brian Cardarella (@bcardarella) August 4, 2012

@Intuit Quickbooks - Terrible customer support & product: forced to buy upgrade to newer version to restore a backup. #fail #wtf

— Jeff Thompson (@thomjeff) June 23, 2012

Hate to say it, but @QuickBooks @QBCares @Intuit has the worst #custserv I've ever experienced. Looking for an alternative, what do you use?

— Jess 'Babs' Bahr (@JessaBahr) September 25, 2014

held hostage by intuit. signup/import for quickbooks online is terrible. i just hope the result is less terrible than quickbooks for mac.

— Brandt Kurowski (@brandtkurowski) May 22, 2012

I hate all things quickbooks.

— Caramel Crisp (@CaramelCrisp) November 23, 2014

@QuickBooks Why is it so hard to just sign up for your service online? Website signup isn't working and live chat is TERRIBLE service.

— Dave Stuart (@DaveStuart7) April 30, 2012

Almost all small biz CPAs are 1) terrible with data security and are 2) helplessly lost without QuickBooks. #sadface

— Jeremy Ross (@jeremyross) March 6, 2012

Terrible customer service experience with quickbooks. Hour and a half on the phone and my issue still is not resolved. #intuit

— Jen Huizinga (@JenHuiz) January 18, 2012

Which do you hate more, ANY @Adobe software OR @Quickbooks?

— Michael Gray (@graywolf) February 21, 2014

I hate Quickbooks. I say hate!

— Molise PR Chicago (@MolisePRChicago) August 23, 2013

I hate @quickbooks. I thought this was supposed to be intuitive? :(

— Eileen Guo (@eileenguo) July 6, 2013

Oh my dear god Quickbooks, I could not hate you more.

— Alice McAlexander (@alicemcalex) April 24, 2013

Why Do Small Businesses Hate QuickBooks?

— Scott Zandbergen (@szandbergen) March 8, 2013

Why is it every CPA loves Quickbooks and every small business owner I know hate it's glorified relational database guts.

— Andrew Lackey (@andrewlackey) January 5, 2013

Oh Quickbooks — die die die.

— Alan Storm (@alanstorm) July 19, 2013

Quickbooks can die

— Justin Williams (@justin) February 10, 2007

death to quickbooks. =P I don't understand accounting and payroll and taxes and such, and I never will.

— Laura M. (@KiwiDFruit) November 29, 2014

Quickbooks will be the death of me

— Nick Swenson (@TheNickSwenson) July 17, 2014
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